© Léna Kollmeier / Photos : Monsieur Andrée, Maël G. Lagadec, Lugdivine Unfer, Javier Celado



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"Always exploring new sounds, Trio O³ approaches the contemporary repertoire with audacity, sensitivity and poetry !

Eugénie Defraigne (cello), Lydie Thonnard (flute) and Léna Kollmeier came to know each other through their common interest in contemporary music. They decided to work together and form a trio in 2014 while discovering and playing "Vox Balaenae" by George Crumb.

Training themselves in 20th century and improvisational music, they have been collaborating as a trio alongside musicians like Michel Massot, François Deppe, Vincent Royer, Mia Elezovic, Olivier Vanderschaeghe, Jean-Pol Zanutel, Eric Leleux, Toon Fret, Kim Van den Brempt and Bart Bouckaert.

In 2016, having by then established their own style and creative universe, the three musicians presented their first project "Échos de la Terre" at the Espace Senghor in Brussels. They are still presenting this project at different venues in Belgium, while at the same time developing their second project, centred around original compositions from Belgian artists, created for the occasion. In January 2018, Trio O³  won the Supernova contest


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