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Piano four hands

Through several four-handed piano works, and in between images and dances, the Kollmeier sisters will bring you to other worlds: the universe of oriental music, gypsy rhythms, Russian waltzes or even Argentinean tangos,...

This proposed repertoire strongly honors women. In addition to the well-known works of Mel Bonis, you will explore creations of Virginie Tasset and Tatsiana Zelianko, Belgian and Luxembourgish composers, who will introduce you to their own universe.


Two pianos

With this project, Léna and Louise Kollmeier, two Belgian young sisters, take their audience through two different hemispheres. At the centre of this program, two contemporary creations will be highlighted, both inspired by universes that couldn’t be more opposite: on the one hand Ecuador and on the other hand, Luxembourg. The contrast between nature and civilization.. And finally the difference in character that gives a particular sensitivity: on the one hand the composer Virginie Tasset, on the other the composer Camille Kerger.  Different in all aspects, but both carrying forward extraordinary and contemporary sounds that will submerge the audience in the present moment.


Almost bridge-wise between these opposite worlds of contemporary sounds, Léna and Louise will perform the Six Etudes in Canon Form by R. Schumann. The arrangement for two pianos of these etudes, demonstrating the contrapuntal writing of J.S. Bach, was created by C. Debussy. This explains why one can find, next to the baroque influence of Bach and the romantic ground layer of Schumann, even a touch of impressionism within these six short pieces.

The two sisters thrill the audience by contemporary and classical sounds through two pianos disengaging almost orchestral energy: a detonating project that draws the attention of everyone!